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Pro-Health Therapeutic & Empowerment Services

Pro-Health Wellness Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other services does your practice implement?

CPR and Reiki Meditation. Call us today so we can get you scheduled.

Can I use services even if I do not have insurance or my insurance does not cover it?

YES. Contact our office if you need further information about rates for different services.

Can I come in for an assessment only?

YES. Assessments can be done by our staff. There are no other conditions to services if you decide not to continue.

Does your office accept walk ins?

No. At this time we are not seeing clients in person. We only offer telehealth/virtual sessions.

What insurance does your office accept?

Our office currently accepts a variety in private and state insurances. To see the current list of insurances, please visit the "Rates & Fees" page or call our office at (702) 490-9009as many accepted may not be listed. 

Does your office do couple or marriage therapy?

YES. Our staff can help you address your needs. Keep in mind that not all commercial insurance plans cover the cost of such therapy; neither does state insurance like Medicaid. Couple and/or marriage therapy is a cash pay service.

Can I do telehealth or virtual therapy?

YES. However, there are forms that are required to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the client. This service is generally done for persons living in Nevada rural areas or unable to leave their home due to other circumstances (i.e., Pahrump, Ely, Elko, Overton, etc.).

What mental health disorders does your staff work with?

Our team works with multiple mental health diagnosis including dual/co-occurring diagnosis such as substance abuse, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Autism, Depression, OCD, Adjustment Disorder, Mood Disorders, ODD, Schizophrenia, Behavior problems, and many more.

Do I have to have a mental health disorder to go to counseling or therapy?

NO. It is never a requirement to have a mental health diagnosis for therapy. Often times people seek counseling or therapy during life transitions that cause distress or higher than normal levels of stress such as divorce, pre-martial counseling, relocation to a new state, starting school, death of a loved one, medical condition, etc.

What is the difference between counseling and therapy?

Both counseling and therapy involve talking with a trained professional. Counseling is the process by which a counselor helps an individual understand and solve problems to help him or her cope with mental or emotional stressors. For example, counseling generally works to find solutions to specific immediate problems such as learning how to positively communicate in relationships with others.

Therapy usually involves talking about your situation in order to gain more understanding about issues such as mood, feelings, behavior, and ways of thinking.

Do you have support groups for drugs and alcohol?

Support groups are available. Call our office to see which are available as space is limited.

If I have HPN Medicaid can I be seen at your office?

NO. Our office does not accept HPN (Smart Choice) Medicaid. Please contact Medicaid for a therapy provider.

Can I prepay for therapy or counseling sessions?

YES you can. There is no minimum or max that can be paid for. If prepaid, the rates prepaid are nonrefundable.

What forms of payment is accepted for services?

Debit, credit & cash payments are accepted. Debit & credit card payment carry a fee starting at $1.00 (one dollar) per transaction up to $100 dollars.

If I am late for my appointment or do not show up is there a fee?

YES. If you show up to an appointment more than 15 minutes late, you may be subject to additional fees. For therapy & counseling please see the "rates/fees" tab. No show fees apply for those who do not cancel within 24 hour notice. Waiver can only be granted by the managing director. Please keep in mind that insurance does not cover these fees.

Can your office see clients of any age, race, gender, sex, or ethnicity?

YES. Our office can see clients starting at age 3; however, this often requires parental training and interaction during ALL sessions for this age. Race, ethnicity, gender, nor sexuality prevents any of our clinicians from seeing clients. Pro-Health welcomes all from the youngest to the oldest, LGBTQ, male, female, and from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Interpreting available to those who do not speak Spanish or English. We do not allow barriers to prevent us from doing are best and helping you reach your goals!

What licenses does Pro-Health staff carry?

All of our clinicians are Master level graduates and licensed through the state of NV to practice. The range from Licensed Drug & Alcohol (LADC), Marriage Family Therapy (MFT or LMFT), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC or LCPC), Social Workers (MSW, CSW, or LCSW), and a Clinical Psychologist (PsyD). All behavior specialists and case managers have received an Associates to Masters Degree to be mentors in the community.

How long is the 1st session for an assessment, counseling, or therapy?

After completing the required office paperwork, the initial appointment lasts an average of 1 hour and 15 mins. All sessions after that are typically 1 hr.

Can I surprise someone with therapy services?

Our office does not condone nor encourage "surprise" therapy sessions. Surprising someone by deceiving them in any way to get them to therapy can cause different levels of harm & sabotage the therapeutic process, which should be a positive experience. If someone comes into services, they must have knowledge of the services and be willing to attend; including, reading and signing all paperwork & consents.

Once I begin therapy, do I have to come weekly?

In most cases, therapy is encouraged to be done on a weekly basis. Often times biweekly sessions or shorter sessions are done. This is discussed with the appointed therapist.

Does your office administer psychiatry medication?

Yes. Appointments are available by calling our office.

If I live in another state, can I see one of the therapist in your agency?

YES. However, we must follow all state guidelines and can only bill insurance that we accept. Cash payment is also available for these services. 

How long after an assessment is completed can other community providers request a copy?

Give our office at minimum of 72 hours to complete the assessment after being seen in our office. This helps to ensure that the diagnosis given is appropriate, staffed with our clinical team, and the report is complete.

Don't see your question here? Contact our office M-F 10 am to 6 pm; excluding holidays.